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Business Communication Chapter 6 Mock Test CSEET MCQ


1.In circular letters personal interest is created by using the word_________.  

(a) You (b) Our customers (c) Everybody (d) Dear customers 

2. A Letterhead contains the following:  

(a) Company logo (b) Name and address of Registered Office, Corporate Office  (c) Contact numbers (d) All of the above  

3.  The word “Confidential” super scribed on the envelope is a _________.  

(a) Salutation (b) Special marking (c) Attention line  (d) Subject heading  

4. The word ‘Report’ is derived from the Latin word:  

(a) Reportane (b) Reporte  (c) Rapport  (d) Repo  

5.  A/An __________is used for disseminating information to a large number of employees within the organisation.  

(a) Office circular  (b) Memorandum  (c) Office order  (d) None of the above  

6.   MIS stands for: 

(a) Management Infotainment System  (b) Management Information System  (c) My Information System  (d) Management Intellectual System 


1 2 3 4 5 6

 A D A A A B 


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