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CMA Inter Notes Collection Package

Updated: May 7, 2023

✓ All Proper Notes ✓ Case Study Books ✓ Handwritten Notes ✓ Chart Books ✓ Marathon Notes ✓ Amendment Notes ✓ Question Banks ✓ Section List ✓ Revision Notes ✓ Short Summary Notes ✓ Extra Notes ✓ Old + New Scanners ✓ Routine Update

Validity - 1 Year Google Drive Access Within 48 Hours

Group – 1

Paper 5 – Financial Accounting Notes

Paper 6 – Laws & Ethics Notes

Paper 7 – Direct Taxation Notes

Paper 8 – Cost Accounting Notes

Group – 2

Paper 9 – Operations Management & Strategic Management Notes

Paper 10 – Cost & Management Accounting and Financial Management Notes

Paper 11 – Indirect Taxation Notes

Paper 12 – Company Accounts & Audit Notes

Note: After purchase, our team will email you in 48 hours.

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