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CRI Important Topics - CS Professional


⭕️restructuring like :-demerger, Split up, Spin-off and Split-off, rationale for demerger,

⭕️entire process of merger with recent judgements

⭕️Reduction of Share Capital

⭕️Slump Sale – procedure for slump sale, tax aspects on slump sale

⭕️Filings of forms under Merger process and procedure

⭕️takeover – takeover bids

⭕️compulsory & voluntary offers with focus on key provisions like exemption, open offer trigger, offer period

⭕️public announcement procedure for takeover and pricing determination for takeover,

⭕️obligations of company / merchant banker

⭕️offer price determination

⭕️indirect acquisition under takeover, ⭕️Takeover of Unlisted Companies, ⭕️valuation approach

⭕️methods of valuation – NAV, market based methods

⭕️fast track merger, Steps Involved In Fast Track Mergers

⭕️valuation documentation,

⭕️Sensitivity Analysis,

⭕️Taxation Aspects of Mergers and Amalgamations,

⭕️ECB and FCCB,

⭕️Differential voting rights,


⭕️ECB Framework,

⭕️drafting of scheme along with explanatory statement highlights, ⭕️Treatment of Reserves,

⭕️Eligibility For Registered Valuers Organisations,

⭕️Goodwill, Pre-Acquisition & Post-Acquisition Profit,

⭕️Types of Due Diligence,

⭕️Basic Principles of Drafting of Application and Petition,

⭕️CCI – Thresholds, group, Ordinarily Exempt Transactions Under Combination Regulations, Kinds of Combinations, Inquiry Into Combination By The Commission,

⭕️focus on cross border merger, Insolvency,

⭕️process of CIRP,

⭕️appointment / replacement of IRP,

⭕️role of CoC,

⭕️duties and responsibilities of IRP, ⭕️Resolution Plan,

⭕️moratorium period,

⭕️who can file application,

⭕️NCLT and NCLAT judgements,

⭕️role of liquidator in CIRP,


⭕️cross border insolvency, Valuation of Cross Border Firm,

⭕️Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process and it's benefits

🤝Wish you all the best!!👏

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