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CRI Important Topics - CS Professional


️restructuring like :-demerger, Split up, Spin-off and Split-off, rationale for demerger,

️entire process of merger with recent judgements

️Reduction of Share Capital

️Slump Sale – procedure for slump sale, tax aspects on slump sale

️Filings of forms under Merger process and procedure

️takeover – takeover bids

️compulsory & voluntary offers with focus on key provisions like exemption, open offer trigger, offer period

️public announcement procedure for takeover and pricing determination for takeover,

️obligations of company / merchant banker

️offer price determination

️indirect acquisition under takeover, ️Takeover of Unlisted Companies, ️valuation approach

️methods of valuation – NAV, market based methods

️fast track merger, Steps Involved In Fast Track Mergers

️valuation documentation,

️Sensitivity Analysis,

️Taxation Aspects of Mergers and Amalgamations,

️ECB and FCCB,

️Differential voting rights,


️ECB Framework,

️drafting of scheme along with explanatory statement highlights, ️Treatment of Reserves,

️Eligibility For Registered Valuers Organisations,

️Goodwill, Pre-Acquisition & Post-Acquisition Profit,

️Types of Due Diligence,

️Basic Principles of Drafting of Application and Petition,

️CCI – Thresholds, group, Ordinarily Exempt Transactions Under Combination Regulations, Kinds of Combinations, Inquiry Into Combination By The Commission,

️focus on cross border merger, Insolvency,

️process of CIRP,

️appointment / replacement of IRP,

️role of CoC,

️duties and responsibilities of IRP, ️Resolution Plan,

️moratorium period,

️who can file application,

️NCLT and NCLAT judgements,

️role of liquidator in CIRP,


️cross border insolvency, Valuation of Cross Border Firm,

️Pre-Packaged Insolvency Resolution Process and it's benefits

🤝Wish you all the best!!👏


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