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How to Registration in CS Executive 2021? Full Details

Congratulations to all CSEET STUDENTS those who have cleared the examination in May/July/Nov.  2021 attempt.

Let me discuss with your for some basic discussion of executive course 

1⃣ You all have to enroll for EXECUTIVE course on or before 31st July 2021. You will be having doubt that I don’t want to give the attempt in December month then why should I register for EXECUTIVE, but you have to register because after 31st of July I think icsi will charge penalty this is applicable for may CSEET attempt students also if you still not Registered. So get registered as soon as possible.

2⃣ Your doubt will be in registration module will be included or not ?

Let me clear you that when you pay the fees for your executive registration it includes all the payment of your module also.

So don’t be tensed. 

3⃣ Once you get registered ICSI automatically sends the mail to many students and some students don’t receive the unique number and all. Don’t be panic at that time wait for 2 working days they will mail you, and please update your mails daily and check your spam box also. If you don’t receive the mail then you can complaint to icsi. 

4⃣ Your moduele will be delivered within 15-20days.

5⃣ Your next doubt will be how to join the classes which academy is the best etc.. and all ??

Let me clear you that all the academy is best for CS so you people have to choose and you have to enroll in that. 

And those who are doing self study kindly kindly watch the lectures which are available on YouTube so you can clear your concept. 

I think now you people will be clear about the Registration and executive process. 

If you have any query or any doubt or you need any motivation to remove your burden stress and all Do approach me and contact me on my insta id (max_jain_1999) But my reply will be late bcz I have my examination.

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Mahek A Jain

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