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Answer Writing Practice – DAY 11 – CS Executive Session 1

Here today’s questions SBEC (chapter 4-5)

Q1 43% of the paid- up share capital of V4C Ltd. is held by the Central Government and 8%is held by Life Insurance Corporation of India and Unit Trust of India. Analyse the definition of ‘government company’ under the provisions of Companied Act, 2013 and decide whether the V4C Ltd. is a government company.

Q2. Limited liability partnership is best suited form of entity for professionals. Elaborate.

Q3. A shareholder who holds 99% of the share capital of a company can be held liable for the acts of the company. Comment.

Ans 1

V4c can’t be considered as govt co. Bcz govt’s stake is less than 51%

Ans 3

Separate legal entity concept.

Team CS Aspirant


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