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Company Law - Important Form Lists | CS Executive

INC-3 OPC- Consent of nominee of OPC INC-4 Change of member/ Nominee of OPC INC-8 Declaration of CA/CS/CMA INC-9 Declaration of all subscribers and first director INC-11 Certification of Incorporation of central registration central INC-13 Memorandum of Association for Sec-8 Companies INC- 22 Change of Address of Registered Office INC-27 Conversion of Public Company into PVT, Private into Public INC-32 Spice Form INC-33 E-MOA INC-34 E-AOA MGT-1 Registers of Members MGT-2 Registers of Debenture holders/others Security holders MGT-3 Notice Regarding Place of Keeping the Register MGT-4 Member who is not a Beneficiary MGT-5 Beneficiary who is not a Member MGT-6 Company submit to ROC regarding MGT-4 and MGT-5 MGT-7 Annual Return 8. MGT-11 Proxy Form MGT-12 Polling Paper 10. MGT-14 Filing of Resolution and agreements with ROC

AOC-2 Related Party Transactions AOC-4 Filing Of Financial Statements and other Documents to ROC ADT-1 Notice of Appointment of Auditors ADT-2 Removal of Auditors ADT-3 Resignation of Auditors CHG-2 Certificate of Registration CHG-3 Modification of Charge CHG-4 Satisfaction of Charge CHG-8 Condonation of delay to Charges SH-1 Share Certificate SH-2Registers of Renewed/ Duplicate Certificate SH-3 Register of Sweat Equity Share SH-6 Register of Employees Stock Option SH-7 Notice for Alteration of Share SH-8 Letter of Buy Back SH-10 Registers of Buy Back PAS-2 Information Memorandum PAS-3 Return of Allotment PAS-4 Private Placement Offer Letter PAS-5 Record of Private Placement Offer DIR-2 Consent to Act as Directors DIR-3 Apply for DIN DIR-8 Declaration of Disqualification by Directors DIR-9 Declaration of Disqualification by Company DIR-10 Application for Removal of Disqualification MSC-2 Certificate of Status of Dormant Company MSC-3 Return of Dormant Company MSC-4 Seeking Status of Active Company MSC-5 Certificate of Status of Active Company


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