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5 Qualities to Clear CA/CS/CMA Exams in One GO!

5 Qualities to Clear CA/CS/CMA Exams in One GO!

Here Are Some Qualities, I Wish You To Have :

1️⃣ Consistent Efforts :

You Need To Study Dedicatedly To Clear The Exams.

2️⃣ Smart Work :

Plan For Last 1.5 Days. Mark Questions For Your Subsequent Revisions During The Class Itself. Over The Time Reduce These Questions.

3️⃣ Learn From 1st Day :

Yes You’ll Forget Over A Period Of Time. But Not All. If You Learn In Your First Time Study, Next Time You Pick A Subject You Are Much More Confident & Over The Time Your Speed Of Recalling Will Max UP.

4️⃣ Enjoy The Process :

You May Be Able To Remember A Concept For A Day Or 2 If You Just Do Rot Learning But If You Understand And Relate Then It Retains For Long.

5️⃣ Right Material :

A Material That’s Comprehensive And Concise At Same Time. Yes, That’s The Balance To Be Striked.

Its Not Always The Hardest Who Wins, Its Always The Smartest Who Walk Over In The Long Run!! 

Keep Faith On You And Your Preparations, No Else Can Do It Than You, For YOU!

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