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All the Best To All CS Aspirants for June 2024 Examination 🎉

All the best to all CS Aspirants for June 2024 examination

1.Make sure that whatever you have done just stick to it, don't change again and again don't read any new topic at this time only revise the topic which you have already done.

2.Paper Completion is most important in the entire thing if we summarise ensure that you will complete the paper of 100 marks irrespective of thinking about whether you know or not the answer

3.Presentation part on answer paper is secondary ensure that prime focus is on paper completion and secondary thing to be work on presentation.

4.Ensure that you calm your mind in those 3 hours and Don't be panic just think if paper is out of box then it's for everyone not for you only

If someone can secured AIR 1 then why you can't?

5.Starting 4 to 5 pages of the answer sheet should be very correct and neat and clean as this will give good impression of answer sheet on paper evaluator.

6.Ensure that the 15 minutes to read the question paper is very important make tick (✔️) if you know the answer and put (✖️) if you don't know the answer.

Ensure that you will read the entire paper fully in 15 minutes.

7.Make sure that Don't start with question 1 first always start either question 2 or question 4 .

8.Ensure that you are using new Page for new answer in ICSI examination.

9.Make sure that you can change sequence but don't change sub question - sequence

For example : if you have decided to attempt question 4 first then attempt question 4 but under question 4 try to attempt in sequence i.e a b c d

10.When you complete the paper don't think for what has been done just think for next paper preparation.

11.Case study can be attempted in Provsion then facts then Conclusion

If time doesn't permit then don't write facts.

12.Aim for high and you will secure highest marks

Before you start paper think for *75 + marks*

Thanks & Regards

Credit to Shehzaan Mohammed

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