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Annual General Meeting (AGM) Company Law Notes - CS Executive - CS Aspirant

Section 96 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Short Notes by CS Aspirant Should be held by 'Every Co." Except OPC First AGM ➡️ Within 9months from closing of 1st FY ➡️ No extension allowed ➡️ Not require to conduct in year of incorporation Subsequent AGM ➡️ 1 AGM in each calendar year (April to March) + ➡️ Within 6 months from end of FY + ➡️ Gap b/w 2 AGM not more than 15 months ➡️ Extension . MAX 3 Months by ROC Note - Top 100 listed entities Held AGM ➡️ within 5 months & One way live webcast ✓ Time, Place & Day of Holding AGM Time ➡️ Called during buisness hours i.e. 9am to 6 pm ( Start करने का टाइम , एंड को कभी भी हो सकता है i.e. beyond 6pm, 7,8,9 ..... कितनी भी देर ) Place ➡️ at reg. Office OR any other place (with in same city, Town or village) Note : AGM of unlisted co. Can be held at any place in India. If all memebers give their concent in writing. Day ➡️ any day except national holiday. In case of - • Govt. Co. ➡️ C.G. may approve any other place. • Sec. 8 co. ➡️ If any directors are given regarding the day, date, place (of AGM) then the BOD will decide before AGM about this. • Buisness transactions at AGM ➡️ ordinary • Adoption of FS • Dectation of Dividend • Appointment of Directors in place of retering • appointment of auditors & its remuneration ( Discuss in AGM) ➡️ SPECIAL • any other business • required explanatory statment ( Discuss in AGM - EGM ) By CS Aspirant Buy this notes - Thank You Share with CS Aspirants

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