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Applicability of the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations 2018

As per Regulation 3 of SEBI (ICDR) Regulations 2018, unless otherwise provided,

these regulations shall apply to the following:

a. an initial public offer by an unlisted issuer;

b. a rights issue by a listed issuer; where the aggregate value of the issue

is fifty crore rupees or more;

c. a further public offer by a listed issuer;

d. a preferential issue by a listed issuer;

e. a qualified institutions placement by a listed issuer;

f. an initial public offer of Indian depository receipts;

g. a rights issue of Indian depository receipts;

h. an initial public offer by a small and medium enterprise;

i. a listing on the innovators growth platform through an issue or without an

issue; and

j. a bonus issue by a listed issuer.

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