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Business Communication Chapter 1 MCQ Mock Test


1. Give an example pertinent the case.

(a) with

(b) on

(c) for

(d) to

2. The reward was not commensurate the work done by us.

(a) for

(b) on

(c) with

(d) order

3. Supposedly, digital voice discs, or DVDs as they are called, are resistant to 

scratching records

(a) much / than

(b) so / as

(c) such / that

(d) far more / than

4. English is today the third native language worldwide after Chinese and Hindi, with 

some 380 million speakers.

(a) the most spoken

(b) the more spoken

(c) most spoken

(d) the least spoken

5. No clinical studies in this child disease research so far.

(a) had completed

(b) have been completed

(c) have completed

(d) had to complete

6. I don’t know why she didn’t ask me how to do it as I her.

(a) must have helped

(b) could have helped

(c) might help

(d) should have helped

7. We all think that Maria an interesting person to meet as we a lot of stories

about her so far.

(a) is / had heard

(b) can be / heard

(c) might have been / hear

(d) would be / have heard

8. Mike has been told he will have to pay the fine his high rank in the military.

a) even if

b) furthermore

c) on grounds that

d) despite

9. In the following sentence a part of the sentence may have an error. Find out which part of the

sentence has an error.

(a) in pouring rain

(b) without either raincoats non umbrella

(c) no error

(d) We got caught

Good Luck


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Team –  CS Aspirant


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