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Business Communication Chapter 7 Mock Test CSEET MCQ


1. E-mails can be filtered using the _____ option which prevents unwanted mails from entering your inbox.  

a. Junk Mail b. Spam  c. Trash  d. All of the above  

2.___________are routine reports prepared at regular time interval-daily, weekly, monthly quarterly or annually.  

(a) Periodic reports (b) Formal reports (c) Progress reports (d) Informal reports 

3.  The first opportunity to gain the reader’s attention in a direct mail letter is  

(a) In the attention line (b) In the opening paragraph (c) In the top margin (d) On the envelope 

4. An example of a communication channel is  

(a) face-to-face conversation (b) feedback (c) context (d) noise 

5. In interpersonal communication, ethics  

(a) are important (b) stand in the way of honesty (c) increase barriers to understanding (d) are not a consideration 

6. The ____ option in e-mail helps us to retrieve old email communications. 

(a) Find (b) Search (c) Settings  (d) None of the above

7. ___________ reports are usually short messages with natural, casual use of language.  

(a) Conference (b) Periodic (c) Informal (d) Formal 

8.Through e-mail companies are offering ____service to its employees that help them use    tools like Google drive drop box etc. 

(a) Accounts (b) Package (c) Cloud Storage  (d) All of the above  

9. Identify which statement is not a feature of a professional e-mail  

(a) Correspondence through e-mail should use Proper Grammar, correct spelling, tone,  courtesy, structure, content etc. 

(b) It is suggested to use of ‘Emoticons’ – smileys, winks etc. in official correspondence.  

(c) Maintain separate accounts for official and personal e-mails. Many organizations have firewalls against personal mails like Yahoo, Gmail etc.  

(d) Avoid ‘spamming.’ Maintain a proper distribution list of recipients for your mails.  

10.  Conversion of data into a code is called   

(a) Encryption  (b) Hypermedia  (c) Intercepted  (d) Interface  

11.  The specialized or technical language as used in specific fields is called____  

(a) Codes  (b) Jargon  (c) Trivial  (d) Hypertext

12. Which of the following protocol is used by the web 

(a) HTPT (b) HTPH  (c) HPTH  (d) HTTP  

13. Which of the following is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet 

(a) Intranet (b) Extranet  (c) World wide web  (d) None of the above  

14.  Which of the following is a web browser  

(a) Google Chrome (b) Internet Explorer  (c) Firefox  (d) All of the above  

15. It allows cumbersome corporate knowledge to be maintained and easily access throughout the company using hypermedia and Web technologies.  

(a) Web Publishing (b) Web Communication  (c) Web Circulars  (d) None of the above 


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

 B A D A B B C C B A B D C D A 


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