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Chapter 20. VIRTUAL MEETING. Company Law

VIRTUAL MEETING. ( Short Notes ) 

• Requirement of virtual meeting.

I. Meeting room

II. Software

III. High quality, mike system.

IV. Hardware equipment like monitor LED screen

V. Projector

VI. Leased lines

VII. High speed wireless internet.

• Virtual board meeting.

I. Any director may participate through electronic mode.

II. Notice of meeting shall be send to all directors. & inform the directors about the option of

video conferencing.

III. Director shall prior intimate to chairperson or company secretory.

IV. Chairman or CS shall make suitable arrangements

V. Director may intimate at the start of the calendar year, which shall be valid for such calendar


VI. Counted for the purpose of the quorum.

VII. Attendance register shall be deemed to be signed.

• Matters not to be dealt within a meeting in video conference.

I. Approval of annual financial statement.

II. Approval of boards report.

III. Audit committee meeting for consideration of financial statement.

IV. Demerger, merger acquisition & takeover.

V. Approval of prospectus.

• Virtual general meeting(Advantages).

I. Increase shareholders participation in meeting.

II. Save time on travel & cost.

III. Encourages more participation by investors across the world.

IV. Reduce the cost of conducting & holding shareholders meeting.

V. Save time of company’s personal.

• Difficulties in holding virtual GM.

I. Security of the system used

II. Streaming with quality without interruption.

III. Providing with secure login id.

IV. Customised instant result & detailed audit reporting

V. Data security.

• Role of chairperson & CS

I. Safeguard the integrity of the meeting

II. Record proceeding& prepare minutes.

III. To store safekeeping marketing the tape recording.

IV. Ensure no unauthorized access

V. Other necessary measures.

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