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CS CA CMA Aspirant Test Series F&Q

questions to ask

1. Can we give test series anytime?

Answer: Yes, First of all we will provide you all paper access in one go on your mail id. You can access the exam any time like this and give it till your main exam. (also check pdf file in my order section)

2. How can we use this as a study plan?

Answer: It is amazingly ready to use as your daily study planner. Thus the exam dates are actually your daily study goals, with only time limits to complete the syllabus.

3. Can we raise study doubts?

Answer: Yes, you can mail/live chat us any study doubt. We will solve it in due time.

4. Can we send our answer sheet for feedback?

Answer: Yes, send your answer in PDF format for detailed evaluation.

5 Which is the best test series for CA CS CMA students?

Answer: Aspirant Team Test Series is considered as one of the best test series as a exam preparation & study plan. The objective of this test series is to cover the syllabus effectively and boost confidence at the same time. It has covered ICSI, ICAI & ICMAI level questions and offers flexibility as compared to other leading test series providers. In this one of its kind test series, you get free personalized advice.

6 How can I clear my CA/CS/CMA exam?

Answer: To get certified for CA/CS/CMA exams you must follow a continuous study schedule which is available in the form of test dates. Test dates should be viewed as your daily study goals - focusing on reviewing that day's material. It can help you improve your speed, become more adept at spotting and correcting mistakes, and revise faster.

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