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CS Executive Company Law Analysis Sheet for June 2022

Credit to CS Vikas Vohra

Chapter 1 Introduction to Company Law (Expected weightage 4 marks) Perpetual Succession Corporate Veil

Chapter 2 Share Capital (Expected weightage 6 to 8 marks) DVRs Rights Issue ESOP Private Placement Practical on Buy Back Cancellation & Reduction of Share Capital Transfer of Shares

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Chapter 3 (Expected weightage 4 marks) Who can become a Member Nomination Significant Beneficial Owner

Chapter 4 Debt Capital (Expected weightage 6 to 8 marks) Creation of DRR limits Limit on deposits Conditions for raising deposits

Chapter 5 Charges (Expected weightage 4 marks) Fixed & Floating Charge Delay in registration of charges

Chapter 6 Dividend (Expected weightage 4 marks) Dividend in case of inadequate profits Interim dividend Payment of dividend Transfer of amounts to IEPF

Chapter 7 CSR (Expected weightage 8 to 10 marks) Section 135 complete CSR implementation Case Law possibility on Schedule VII

Chapter 8 Accounts & Audit (Expected weightage 4 to 6 marks) Reopening of books of accounts Preparation and approval of financial statements Change in FY Appointment of auditor Disqualifications of auditor Removal of auditor Reporting of fraud by auditor Secretarial audit

Chapter 9 Boards Report (Expected weightage 4 marks) Annual return

Chapter 9 Boards Report (Expected weightage 4 marks) Annual return

Chapter 10 Loans & Investments (Expected weightage 4 to 5 marks) Limit on loans & investments Related party transaction

Chapter 12 Corporate Reorganisation (Expected weightage 4 to 6 marks) Amalgamation with a foreign company Appointed & effective date Purchase of minority shareholding in demat form Foss vs Harbottle Power of Tribunal in case of oppression & mismanagement Class action suits Registered valuer

Chapter 13 MCA 21 (Expected weightage 4 marks) Features of MCA21

Chapter 14 Global Developments (Expected weightage 4 marks)

Chapter 15 Board & its Powers (Expected weightage 4 marks) Powers of shareholders Committees – ALL

Chapter 16 Directors (Expected weightage 8 to 10 marks) Alternate Director Casual Vacancy Director Case Law on Independent Director definition Independent Directors database & exemptions Disqualifications of a Director Vacation of office of a Director Resignation Loans to a Director

Chapter 17 KMP (Expected weightage 6 to 8 marks) Managerial Remuneration Schedule V Compensation for loss of office

Chapter 18 Board & Committee Meetings (Expected weightage 4 marks) Calling of BM at shorter notice Board Meeting through VC Few matters to be dealt at the BM

Chapter 19 General Meetings (Expected weightage 10 to 12 marks) AGM full EGM full Quorum Proxy Resolutions requiring special notice E voting Minutes of GM

Chapter 21 Company Secretaries (Expected weightage 4 marks) Professional Misconduct (one case law for sure) PART 1 – 6, 7, 8 & 10 (these are the most important ones)

Chapter 22 – SSB

(Expected weightage 4 marks) One provision based question on SS1 or SS2

Chapter 23 – Mega Firms (Expected weightage 4 marks) Case based upon who can become partners in an MDF

Chapter 24 Drafting of Resolutions (Expected weightage 4 to 6 marks) One resolution draft sure shot

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