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CS Executive Performance Evaluation Test (P.E.T) 2021

CS Executive Performance Evaluation Test Series  

Get 50% Off/- Limited Period Offer

(Last Date – 10th April 2021)

Join WhatsApp Group 

✓Subject & Chapter Wise Test 

✓Doubt Solving Group 

✓Weekend Test (Sat- & Jigl , Sun- SBEC & Tax law )

✓Complete in 2 Months (P.E.T) 

✓After Test (Get Questions PDF ) 

DEMO TESTs (Click Here)

Note: After test is done, next day  you be will provided correct answers & Guidance by CS Experts. 

Price  (50%off)

JIGL – ₹150/-

SBEC – ₹150/- 

COMPANY LAW – ₹150/-

TAX LAW – ₹200/-

(For Each Subject ) 

Buy in Combo (1st Group) in Just ₹500/- 

( Coupon code  csexe50 )

The test series will begin from April after your full pre-registration.  Our team will contact you.😊


1. Will copies be check?

Answer: No, your copies will not be checked, instead of checking

your answers, we will provide you with the correct answer the next

day of your test, so that you can compare your answer by it.

2. How will our doubts be cleared?

Answer: you will be added in WhatsApp/Telegram private group (not

containing more than 20 students)

Group contains some professional students who will help you in doubt

clearing and also provide guidance to you.

3. Can we give one test more than once?

Answer: no, you can give one test only for once.

4.How the test will be conduct?

Answer: you will get the test link on the schedule day and time via

email / in WhatsApp group.

5. How the answers will be submitted?

Answer: you can submit answers by uploading the pictures of your

answer. Or,

You can directly write your answers by your pc/cell phone.

6. How many chapters are covered in test series and how long will it

take to complete entire syllabus?

Answer: all chapters will be covered in test series.

Your test series will be completed by the end of April.

7. How many questions are there in each test?

Answer: there will be approx. 10-20 questions in each test.

8. Can we give previous test that was missed?

Answer: yes you can.

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