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EBCL Important Points

EBCL imp points

  1. Here first complete part B entirely as this cover will be for 25 marks so cover this part first okay and after that

You can come to part A

The favorite thing in ebcl is direct ques

You will see direct questions in exams so cover part B and part A first

2. In part C which deals with other laws which are based case study questions and direct questions, So cover the maximum chapter as much as you can

3.Case study based ques from part C will be from

A.indian contract act


C.consumer protection act


E.Negotiable instrument act

4. Cover the distinguish as much as possible as higher possibility of that you will see 15 marks objectives in paper

5.Imp sequence for part A








H. FDi


6.Dont skip the amendments

Cover the amendments too in the exam's it will ask

7.Devote your maximum time to part B and part A

For studying as well as paper attempting and rest you can give to part C

8.Manner of attempting in ebcl

In direct questions

Use simple pointers and leave one line after each points and underline your key words

9. Total 24 chapters are there

So you need to give time accordingly

First cover part b

Then simple chapter of part A

Then cover tricky chapter of part A then go with part C

Happy learning guys 🎄💐

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