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Important Tips for SLCM Paper

Important Tips for SLCM

Tip # 1

Focus on Part B first.

Cover it Fully.

Revise it first while revising

Write Part B first in Actual Paper Also

You can easily score 18 to 21 Marks in Part B.

Tip # 2

Short Notes are very scoring. still students fail to optimize it. So, i would suggest you all to focus on Short Notes more specially PART B which comes for 3 Marks. While Revising only make points raning from 3 to 5 points and choose a punchword for each point to recall each point. Revise Multiple times the Short Notes topics. Benefit is you can score 2 or 2.5 out of 3 easily. So, Do Focus on Short Notes as you dont have to draft the answers like we have to draft in a Case Study Question.

Tip # 3

In Part B, a Short Note can come on General Obligations & responsibility of any particular Intermediary like merchant banker, banker to an issue, etc.

In all such topics, there are some common points which can be written in all Intermediaries.


1) Every _shall abide by the Code of Conduct.

2) Every __shall appoint a compliance officer who shall be responsible for monitoring compliance of the Act, Rules and Regulations, Notifications, Guidelines, instructions, etc issued by SEBI or the CG and for redressal of investor’s grievances.

3) Every _shall keep and maintain the books of accounts, records and documents as prescribed.

4) The _shall preserve the books of accounts and other records and documents for a minimum period of years.

5) Every __shall furnish the information to the SEBI when required.

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