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Income Tax & GST Full Free Revision Lectures

*⚠️Kind Attention⚠️ सुनो सुनो सुनो⚠️*

♥️For Your Convenience Here's the Playlist of GST & Income Tax Revision for CS EXECUTIVE ( Must Watch Before Exam)♥️👇For *June 2023* & December 2023

*Income Tax & GST Amendments For June 2023*

*Income Tax Amendments*👇🔥

*GST Amendments*🔥👇

🔴*GST का जागरण (Marathon)* Fully Updated🔴👇

👉 *GST Darbar (Most Detailed Revision)* 📢👇िन students को detailed में revise करना है। (Watch With Above Amendment)

👉 *Income Tax Marathon (30 Hours)* Watch with Above Amendment📢👇

👉 *Custom Super Fast Revision* 📢👇

👉 *Income Tax Student Darbar (Jo Jada Detailed me Revision karna chahte hai)* 📢👇

👉HIGL Level MCQs Practice (100% Expected for Exams)


CA Vivek Gaba


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