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Quick Tips for CS EXECUTIVE & Profesional Exam

Some QUICK TIPS for today's Exam :

-  Mention the question number at the centre of the page and always start new answer from fresh page.

- Break your answer in Paragraphs and pointers, wherever possible.

- Underline key points and section numbers simultaneously using the same pen.

- Must carry a watch⌚️ to keep a proper track of time.

- You must attempt complete 100 marks paper. Even if you are not sure about any question, try to answer as a prudent person 😄 (needless to say that attempt such questions towards the end)

- Gather all the positive energy before the exam ✨

Lastly, have faith in your preparation and all the efforts you have been putting and nail the exam. Panic might try to break you but take a deep breath at that moment, remember all the hard work you have been doing since so many months and tell yourself that now is the time to shine.

My best wishes and blessings - Always with you ❤️

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