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1. Explain various modes of acquiring property outside India by a resident India.

2. Which organisations or individuals are specifically prohibited from receiving foreign contribution under the foreign contribution (regulation) Act, 2010

3. Enumerate the powers of the central government to prohibit receipts of foreign contribution under the foreign contribution (regulation) Act 2010.

4. Discuss the transactions which are prohibited under "liberalised remittance scheme"

5. What are the basic objectives of present foreign trade policy ?

6. Explain the objective of FTP under the FTP for 2015-2020.

7. Under what circumstances the RBI may cancel a certificate of registration granted to NBFC under RBI act, 1934.

8. Discuss the functions of authority constituted under special economic zones Act, 2005.

9. What are the basic rights of consumers that are Sought to be promoted and protected under the CPA ?

10. What do you mean by the international organisation of legal metrology certification system ?

11. Difference between -

* English mortgage and mortgage by conditional sale

* Mortgage and charge

* Vested interest and contingent interest

12. State the objects and reasons for which RERA 2016, has been framed ?

13. Discuss briefly the process of money laundering

14. Difference between contract of indemnity and guarantee

15. Describe the contracts which cannot be specifically enforced under specific relief Act 1963 ?

16. Difference between specific performance and injunction

17. Difference between conditions and warranties

18. What do you understand by the term 'caveat Emptor'

19. Difference between co-ownership and partnership

20. Difference between bill of exchange and promissory note.

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