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Strategies for Advance tax law paper - CS Professional

*Strategies for Advance tax law paper*

1.The paper is divided in 3 parts that is GST , income tax , custom so the 60 marks portion of your paper is from Gst and 10 marks from custom rest will be from income tax

2.The next is I will recommend to you all to first complete the portion of GST as it is 60 marks and out of that the important chapter such as

Exemption , RCM , ITC , supply , Return , Refund , Audit

That's all chapter you need to complete first in your gst

3.As Vivek sir have given the notes of gst so I would Suggest you to all to download the same and make a note of it make your handwritten notes

4.Dont go for print make your own handwritten notes which is so good and help you to revise all the points and concepts

5.As it is descriptive paper you need to solve the question so I would suggest that Vivek sir gave 3 questions bank so try to solve it

If it is not possible to solve all 3 by writting you can solve by reading and what's the conclusion in it and make sure that you go though the format

6.For practical questions try to solve because here you need to make sure that you are drawing a good table and focus on more presentation part

7. Here After for income tax try to make sure that you are much focus on part of international taxation such as transfer pricing , DTAA , APA and after focus on tax planning , Residential status

8.The five heads of income tax may be asked but you can see the revsiion video available on YouTube

9.For custom it is 10 marks so focus effectively and efficiently

10.After that Try to make sure that you are doing 3 times and 4 times revsion before attempting paper

11.Before giving one full syallabus test atleast do attempt one paper mock

By Shehzaan mohammed

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