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Strategies for CRI subject - CS Professional

Strategies for CRI subject

1.As the subject is very lengthy so prioritise accoridngly I would suggest to each and everyone to complete part B Insolvency part which is of 50 marks and very Scoring part so first do complete part B

2.From part A the chapter such chapter 1 types of CR and then takeover and then Merger ( accounting aspect and stamp aspect cross border and fast track merger )

3.Takeover law and competition act You have read the same in your executive program and these 2 chapter are very important so I would suggest go through these 2 revise quickly as it is done in Executive only there is some addition definitely but revise quickly

4.Make your own handwritten notes as the paper is very Lengthy you cannot be able to read from module one day before exam so read it from your handwritten notes it will help you surely in the exam

5.Part B of CR and IBC open book is same so You can cover that too if you have done IBC you will be super sorted for Part B

6.The sequence for revsion shall be

CHP 2 4

Accountinh aspect them stamp aspect

Then cross border and fast track

In last competition act

7.The sequence for part B is cover insolvency part section 4 to 54 first then individual Insolvency and fast track

8.Attempt one full paper 100 marks before u appear for exam

By Shehzaan mohammed

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