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Strategies for Drafting subject - CS Professional

*Strategies for Drafting subject*

1.The paper consist both Drafts and theory so I would suggest you to first complete the theory part from notes or modules okay first do chapter 2 which is general principle which is most important to know the basic of drafting okay

2.After that Chapter 3 secretarial practice and Pleading chapter and also chapter 1 judicial and administrative framework these 3 chapters are most important you cannot skip this 3 chapter at last day

3.Focus on more draft like do practice one draft daily and make sure that you make your one separate note book where you will write key word of each and every clause so that at one day before exam you can just learn key words for each clause as many draft are there on syllabus

4.Focus more on theory as if draft come and you don't know even by applying theory you can write the draft so focus more on theory part

5.When you make your draft do highlight important key words by pencil and scale for better presentation look in draft

6.Use simple points to write in theory answer

7. Case law name is not important but what has been decided in that case is important so you need to understand what has been decided in that case law okay so If any case study comes you can tackle the same

8.Attempt one 100 marks before you give your final exam

By Shehzaan mohammed

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