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Strategies for GRMCE - CS Professional

*Strategies for GRMCE*

1.Focus on part B and part C more as it is of 40 marks which is very important for exam point of view even I did first part B and C so you also should do first b and c part you can done the same by refering gd saluja sir notes or module any

2.For part A your Provisions of company law is repeated and same as SEBI LODR comittees part and RPT so do this by one reading as you have done this

3.Make a separate notebook for Grmce after completing your chapter you need to summarised entire topic in your own words so this can be referred one day before exam

4.Highlight the key words in part A section and learn by read so that you can be well versed with key words and you can write the same in pointers

5.The chapter which you cannot skip is chapter legislative framework ,

Board effectiveness and board comittees , governance and complainces risk , CG forum , corporate governance and rights of stakeholders

6.Revision sequence will be part B then C then A then D

7.For part D you can even refer marathon video at last and make your notes by watching the video even I referred Gd Saluja sir marathon lecture of part D

8.Paper should be attempted in sequence part C then part Part B then part A last part D

9.Do one paper solving of 100 marks

By Shehzaan mohammed

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