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Strategies for SACMDD paper - CS Professional

*Strategies for SACMDD paper*

1.As everybody knows that the paper is divided into 2 parts the one is compliances and second is Audit and due diligence the first part is of 40 marks and has only 7 chapters out of which chapter 1 and 2 is most important 10 to 15 marks question can be there from chapter 1 and 2

2.I would suggest to each and every students to complete part A first and then go with part B

3.Revision sequence for part B shall be CHP 9 11 12 to 16 17 19 20 10 18

4.The priority should be to complete part A first which is very important for examination and very easy part

5.The following chapter you cannnot skipped in SACMDD

CHP 1 2 3 5 9 11 12 16 17 19 20

6.The chapter you can ignore at your last day or can be done by one simple reading

Is CHP 7 8 10 18

7.For SACMDD many pointers are there in module or classes notes so I made my hand written notes which include charts and mind mapping for 8 chapter in total if you want I will share link with you you can download it for your reference

8.Key words is very important here in this paper and make sure that you are writing atleast 1 paper before your exam even I solved 2 DD 100 marks question paper so you should also solve the same before appearing for final examination

9.Make sure at one day before your exam after Grmce this will be your paper so make proper handwritten notes which help you to recall the concepts

By Shehzaan mohammed

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