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Strategies to crack IBC Open book - CS Professional

*Strategies to crack IBC Open book*

1.Focus on chain what is going on like start with section 4 then 5 then 6 7 8 9 make a chart of corporate insolvency resolution process as shubham sukhlecha sir did so by doing this you will get to know the overview of IBC

2.Try to complete First Section 4 to 77 which is very important for IBC 2016 as well as CR part B

3.For IBC shubham suklecha sir notes is amazing you all can download the same and learn the same

4.Whenever you found any case law in IBC 2016 book wrote down the name of case law and what has been decided in your notebook and give page number reference because in exam case law will definitely come in IBC paper

5.Focus on starting chapter more like CIRP , Voluntary liquidation , liquidation, Resolution plan , appeal

6.Then go on dry chapter where you need to learn the theories such as SARFAESI act DRT bankruptcy PPIRP ethics , strategies

7.Try to write atleast 2 paper of 100 marks before you appear for open book IBC

8.Focus on 100 marks paper

First do 60 marks then 40 marks okay

9.Making of notes in open book is the best strategy so if any questions came you can easily find the page number where it is written

*Paper is going to be easy you will do great in exam❤️*

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