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Strategy for MCS open book examination - CS Professional

Strategy for MCS open book examination

1.As first of all I would suggest you all to complete the entire module all 8 chapters all case law which is somewhere 300 plus case law

2.Abhyas sheet solving : I know you will not see the question as per abhyas sheet but by solving abyas sheet your paper will complete on time so for time management solve abhyas sheet

3.After that Try to recall the provisions of companies act 2013 like remember some section so that if any questions came you can easily find the question and do the same

4.For 40 marks do write 1.5 pages atleast and try to highlight the key words

5.For 60 marks case studies are there so carry the book of cs Executive programme like slcm , ebcl , company law , Grmce book RCD and CR book Insolvency book

Carry the books and after reading questions you will definitely know from which section they have asked ........

6.Try to complete entire paper if you dont know Conclusion you can write the provsion so that marks will be allotted

7.Solving of past year paper you have dec 22 questions paper look at the type of questions what they asked to you

8.Presence of mind is required to attempt 40 marks paper and conceptual clarity required to attempt 60 marks paper

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