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Block of Sections in Companies Act 2013

Block of sections in the Companies Act, 2013 -

Sec 23 to 42 is Prospectus and allotment of securities

Sec 43 to 72 is share capital

Sec 71 is Debentures

Sec 73 to 76A is acceptance of deposits

Sec 77 to 87 is Registration of charges

Sec 88 to 95 is Register of members etc and Annual Return

Sec 96 to 122 is General meetings

Sec 123 to 127 is DIVIDEND

Section 128 to 138 is Books of accounts

Sec. 135-CSR

Sec. 139 to 148 is Auditors

Sec 149 to 172 Appointment etc of BOD

Sec 173-175 is BM

Sec 176 to 183 powers of BOD and committed

Sec 184 - Interested Director

Sec. 185 - Loan to Dir

Sec 186 - Inter-corporate investment loan etc

Sec 188 - RPT

SEC. 189 - Investment by company in other names

Sec . 196 to 205 - KMP and CS in practice

Sec 206 to 229 - Inquiry Inspection and Investigation

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