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Business Communication Chapter 4 Mock Test CSEET MCQ


1. The Communication within the organisation is known as________.  

(a) Internal communication  (b) External communication (c) Informal communication  (d) Verbal communication  

2. When words are used in communication, either spoken or written, this kind of communication is known as:  

(a) Verbal communication (b) Non-verbal communication  (c) Upward communication  (d) Downward communication  

3. Non-verbal communication does not include:  

(a) Body language  (b) Sign language (c) Para language (d) Oral communication  

4.  The channel of communication which is mostly associated with gossip and rumours iscalled: 

(a) Formal communication  (b) Grapevine  (c) Social gatherings  (d) Upward communication 

5. ____________ to communication may occur if the transmitter and receiver assign different meanings to the same word or use different words for the same meaning.  

(a) Semantic barriers  (b) Physical barriers  (c) Socio-Psychological barriers (d) None of the above 

6. The word communication has been derived from the word communis which means_______  

a) To care   b) To share    c) To provide information   d) Provide ideas  

 7. Success and failure in every communication depends on ______  

(a) Feedback   (b) Receiver  (c) Sender   (d) Information  

 8. Communication is a combination of four sciences-   

(a) Anthropology, sociology, psychology and political science  (b) Anthropology, physiology, biology and political science  (c) Psychology, sociology, Physiology and ecology  (d) Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology and Biology 

 9. What is one of the factor because of which communication is important?   

(a) Distortion  (b) Human relations  (c) Noise  (d) Goal orientation  

 Adjectives selected by both the participants and his peers are placed in _____  

10. quadrant:  

(a) Arena  (b) Blind  (c) unknown  (d) Façade 

 11. Arena quadrant is called as: 

(a) Façade (b) Blind (c) unknown  (d) Open  

 12. Adjectives not selected by the participants but selected by his peers are placed in:      

(a) Façade (b) Blind (c) Unknown (d) open 

 13. Workers feel involved in the organisation and participate in the management. This is called as which flow of communication?  

(a) Downward (b) Upward (c) Diagonal  (d) Horizontal  

 14. Interaction between two persons is called as:  

(a) vertical network (b) circuit network  (c) wheel network  (d) star network  

15. In which network each subordinate receives a command from a single authority or superior : 

a)  vertical network  b)  circuit network  c)  wheel network d)  star network  

16. Which of the following is an example of a nonverbal message?  

a)  Yelling b)  Eye contact c)  Jargon d)  Mumbling 

17. The ability to communicate effectively  

a)  Is a natural talent that cannot be learned b)  Depends on the education level of those around you c)  Can be learned d)  Depends on not using technology to send messages 

18. hand-held computer devices that can perform a number of things like receiving mails, sending and receiving audio   

(a) PDA  (b) Mobile Phones  (c) Emails  (d) Blogs  

19. The form of communication used most of the time for written messages to persons inside your organization is called  

(a) Memorandum (b) Business letter (c) Pamphlet (d) Adjustment letter 

20. Network channel of communication which is open to all members of the group-  

(a) vertical network  (b) circuit network  (c) wheel network  (d) star network  

21. Internet without use of multimedia is an example of:  

(a) Visual Communication  (b) verbal communication  (c) Oral communication  (d) Audio-visual Communication  

22. Communication flow takes place between the same status/ level of hierarchy in the organization:  

(a) Downward  (b) Upward (c) Diagonal   (d) Horizontal 

23. Feedback can come in the form of  

(a) Environmental noise (b) Nonverbal communication only (c) Verbal communication only (d) Verbal and nonverbal listener responses 


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 

A A D B A B A A B A D B B B C B C A A D A D D 


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