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CS Executive UnSchedule Test Series

Key Features of this Test Series ✓ Copy Checking within 2 Days ✓ Performance Evaluation ✓ 4 Unit (Subject Wise) ✓ 8 Full Test ✓ Chapter Wise Test ✓ Based on ICSI Examination Pattern ✓ Providing Answer Sheet ✓ Unscheduled Group 1st - 55 Tests Group 2nd – 55 Tests Total – 110 Tests (Both Groups) Price Subject Wise = Rs.300/- Group Wise = Rs.1000/- Both Groups = Rs.1900/- Apply 50₹ off to CS EXECUTIVE TEST SERIES with the promo code " *ASPIRANT50* ". OFFER CLOSES SOON 🔥🔥🔥 CS Executive Test Series 2022 Last Date 31st March CS ASPIRANT TEST SERIES For CS Executive June & December 2022 JIGL TEST SERIES SBEC TEST SERIES COMPANY LAW TEST SERIES EBCL TEST SERIES SLAW TEST SERIES FSM MOCK TEST SERIES CMA MOCK TEST SERIES TAX LAW MOCK TEST SERIES GROUP WISE TEST SERIES

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