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Last minute SSM Reminders

Last minute SSM Reminders:

1. Do not read anything new now, do not refer to any new material now, focus on what you have already read, Confidence is the key.

2. Do not discuss the paper with anyone.

3. Do not discuss any topic with any friend just before the examination, that disturbs the mind, the mind needs to be peaceful to perform at it's best.

4. Do not go home and try to find answers of the previous paper. That's the most stupid thing to do, Focus on the next paper.

5. Write all the papers, irrespective how any paper has been, dropping the examination in between would be the second most stupid thing a person can do.

6. During the 3 hours, try and focus the first two hours on what you know, then in last one hour try and write the answers you are not perfectly confident about.

7. Paper will be difficult, it is a professional examination, keep your calm, if its difficult, its difficult for everyone.

Dont commit the mistake that everyone commits. Keep your calm in difficult or lengthy papers.

8. The most important thing, Miracles happen everyday. Remember that and Enjoy the examination.

Love you all, Make me proud, Make your parents proud, make everyone around proud, make every teacher proud.❤️

Credit - CS Shubham Sir

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